Facility Management



User group requirements, market conditions and future growth potential are all characteristics needed to determine the facility’s feasibility in the marketplace. ESM can provide expert analysis on your future development with a detailed study.





Existing facilities will have a viability impact on any new facility. ESM can provide a comprehensive report and make recommendations on how to optimize the performance of your project in the market.





ESM will develop your revenue, expenses and cash flow projections required for your financial lenders for yearly operations as well as design, pre-opening and construction stages of the facility.





ESM offers industry expertise in all areas of facility design, construction and operations. We will collaborate in defining the size of your facility, its amenities and the configuration that best meets the requirements of your market. ESM will provide the latest eco – design methods to take advantage of the amount of energy required for your facility.





ESM specializes in the development of Public/Private Partnerships and guides you through the process from beginning to end. ESM can provide links to Financial Lenders, Equity Partners and key suppliers to increase the viability of the project.





ESM has the knowledge and expertise required to take a sports facility from the vision to opening day. ESM has proven our level of project management excellence and can now offer those abilities to our clients.





ESM is uniquely qualified to offer its management and programming services, on a contract basis, to other facility owners and operators. ESM’s participation will bring the highest standard to the programs, processes providing the customer with the most rewarding experience.

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